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Winter it is!

What is your favorite season of year? Why?

This is purely based on the place I live in. I live in Gurgaon, part of Delhi NCR. These days the most consistent event happening in Delhi NCR is the temperature 45-46 C . No respite yet from the heat.

Many congratulations to the UK government to announce heatwave at 24-35 C. While we are being true to our taste buds and sipping tea even in this heat.

With this background there is no option but for choosing Winter as the most favorite season.

There are a few other perks that come with winter, as well:

1. The dust is settled: In a country perennially in a state of construction and development , dust is a part of life. Winter helps settle this dust.

2. People look good: Trendy jackets, and pullovers are out. There is something about jackets (for both genders) which make people look smart. People look smart the place and the ambience looks smart.

3. Winter brings people closer: It is the grand wedding season during winters and time for people to get cosy. The friends and relatives come closer too. Distance seem small . People want to meet people.

4. Food and drinks taste better: Most of north India is foodie. The kebabs, the paneers , the butter chicken, the momos, the Maggie all taste so good! Then we have the epitome of happiness- Garam Kadak Chai. After that was done, it’s time for the pinnacle of euphoria- drive to India Gate for ice-cream.

5. Amicably approved long-weekend leaves: This is the time that most people are making plans of happiness and spending time with their dear ones. So, most times request for long vacations are quickly approved. There is also a window of discussion around- what plans for vacation. And these discussions are pretty contagious.

I have deliberately left out the part about snow fall, which usually happens 200 km north of Gurgaon. You choose the direction. That’s bliss!

So, yes . Winter it is!


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