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3 ways to customize Spirituality


Frankly, I had to look up what spirituality actually meant. I have a fair idea of what it means. We really don’t know if we know until we need to explain it to someone.

So, with that premise I can admit , I don’t have a strong understanding of spirituality. The concept of spirituality seems to have changed over time , many times and several renowned figure have preached their versions. The subject is too vast and could take a lifetime to understand. But we may still not be able to do so., Sincere respect to the 

So, depending on which part or era of spirituality we are talking about, our understanding may differ.

Here are the three core themes which I understand as the base of spirituality.

1. Connection with God and self:

Usually spiritual people seem to have very good connection with God. They seem to immerse themselves in prayers and offerings to God. I also pray but may be not as much as my mother or my wife. They seem to have speed dial with God. I do pray too, but occasionally.

I have this feeling that God is already busy with the long queue of requests and prayers, globally. So, should I bother him/her with mine too? Let me contact God’s office when it is absolutely urgent.

I think I rely more on the prayers of my mother and wife to work for me as well. When I pray, they are usually, urgent SOS calls. And God has answered them most times.

May be God has set up a Quick Response booth outside his office for such immediate, unplanned requests and queries.

2. Being good and kind to people:

This is what most religions and probably spirituality also preach- Be good and kind to people. It is an important concept. However, this concept gets confusing when the same people with high spirituality quotient indulge in activities which won’t exactly fall under the definition of “being kind’ or “being good”.

Priests and god men with criminal records. Popes and Nuns with blemishes on their track records. Spiritual people getting into fights (sometimes violent) with other spiritual people just outside the spiritual abode. Contradictory belief systems inside temple with God and outside with people.

3. Forgiveness and redemption:

Just as any process or activity has a scope for removal of errors, spirituality also has this concept and option.

So, basically if we mess up in any of the above 2 steps, we have an option to redeem ourselves and ask for forgiveness. And then we can self certify that God has forgiven, and are ready to start over again.

There is no third party involvement for the certification, but we may approach a priest /pope/Imam/pandit to be the mediator between God and us. One of them can issue forgiveness and redemption certificate. And we can self-attest and keep it until it is due for renewal. Its validity is subjective and depends on the frequency of violations of #1 and #2.

For me basically spirituality is these 3 steps. I try compliance with all the steps. But it gets confusing as to what is right and how much is right to qualify as being spiritual.

I may have over simplified this concept but with due respect to all, would love to hear back and stand corrected for any of my understanding.

Thank you for reading!



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