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My 5 ways for self-care

How do you practice self-care?

For me self-care has two dimensions.

1. Preventive

2. Curative

Preventive self-care is obvious. The usual ‘“good life“, “healthy mind , healthy body’ kind of menu we are splashed all around us.

Zillions of coaches, authors, physicists all around , with tons of advice on how to lead a healthy life and practice self-care.

Curative self-care is our own personal response to dealing with a loss, emotional bruises. Curative self-care is unique to us. Each one responds in their own way.

My 5 ways:

1. Going silent:

My first response to an emotional bruise, caused directly or indirectly is to go silent. This helps me to get disconnected from the event and the sub-topics from that event. It is my personal exclusive time to process reasons leading up to the event.

2. Going for a quick solo drive:

This works for me always. I find the connection between self, my vehicle and the road very satisfying. Music adds to the ambience and cuts out the noise in my head.

3. Doodling:

I am not much of a great doodler. But, the process of releasing my thoughts in simple random designs without the pressure of creating a pattern, is healing. I doodle whatever and however I like, It’s the release that matters, not the pattern or design.

4. Going over past “to-do” lists:

I love going over past to-do lists. This works two ways. One it gives an immediate sense of accomplishment. Two, it allows me to revisit items that I have not struck-off. This is just me-time to pat myself and remind me of things that need closure.

5. Talk to people with whom I usually converse less:

My curated list of such people- our security personnel, that random shop-owner, the delivery boy, etc. Basically, anyone who is distant and with whom I know that topics will be mostly about them and their well-being.

So, yes. These are usually my tried and tested , effective short-form curative self care methods.

Thank you for reading!


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