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Discipline wins over motivation!

Discipline is always pitted against motivation, and in most aspects of life. It would seem easy to be able to write how mornings are, and May be much more easier if we consider the first hour of the day.

Well, when I started writing, it didn’t seem like that. There wasn’t really a pattern to how my mornings have been. For starters, mornings usually start at 7 am for me. Rather 6:45 am. That’s when my alarm is set, which usually is dealt with by the snooze button. 645 am gets instantly killed. It’s gone.

The next 15 mins, is about thinking about waking up at 7 am. Having joined the gym now for some time, waking up to hit the gym is a great motivator for me.

But hold on, it doesn’t work on all days. There are good days and bad days. There are days when waking up at 7 and heading to the gym is so easy. These are days with clear mind in a happy state.

And then there are days with residue from the previous night /day. Leftover discussions from the previous days work like chains that don’t allow me to get out of the bed.

The mind keeps thinking about those situations and the snooze time gets extended terribly. I know waking up from bed shouldn’t be such a discussion oriented topic. But, frankly it is like that. It’s not that easy for the mind to just switch on/off and get going. Discipline defeats motivation and talent every time, all the time. But some days are different. It just doesn’t happen like that. Some days that part of brain that thinks “another 10 minutes of sleep” wins over the part that thinks “get up”.

After all the tussle within my mind, eventually discipline wins more number of times than motivation and I am mentally prepared to go to the gym, and eventually reach there by around 7:30 am.

Things start to get better at the gym. The reception from gym mates, the hug from my coach and music blaring from the recently installed music system come together to create the perfect atmosphere for the next 1 hour.

These days 3 songs are playing on loop in the gym.

1. Rubicon Drill

2. White Brown Black

4. Kya baat hai 2.0

The gym is a great place to learn and get motivation from. Not sure, how it works; but for me I am usually looking at the fitter, leaner people in the gym. In the fitness barometer in the gym, I may be some where in the middle. But some how I don’t seem to be looking at people not so fit and not so lean and not so muscular.

That almost implies how our human kind works. It short lists the people and places them by meritocratic hierarchy, I think. It is easy on the eyes to be attracted to people in shape. There is subtle admiration for the discipline they may have.

So, that’s pretty much how the first hour of the day goes or me.

1. Snooze at 6:45 am. Wake up at 7:00 am. Ensure discipline wins on more number of days than motivation and / talent.

2 Head off to the gym. Meet up with gym buddies. Understand how the human mind works. Accept meritorious hierarchy.

3. Go along the music being played in the gym. Try to match up with the beat.

4. In between , there is a shirt window for me to interact with my daughter who is getting ready for school. That is the most cherished moment of the day.

5. At the gym, break and discharge negative thoughts out. Full self with positivity. Discard residual discussion from previous day/s.



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