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5 ways to express gratitude

How do you express your gratitude?

Gratitude for everything

Every individual is different and their ways to express gratitude is also different. Some do it with words , some with actions. Some have a magnanimous way of expressing, while some are subtle in their approach.

Despite all these differences, there are five basic fundamental ways in which gratitude is expressed.

1. Acknowledgment:

This is the first step even before we start to express gratitude. Just acknowledging that someone has done some things good for you, is a mark of great character.

Sometimes people don’t even acknowledge that someone has done something for them. They take it for granted and convince themselves that it’s nothing special. They exert entitlement. For them, it’s the responsibility of people to do things for them.

Anything that happened was situational and they fail to comprehend that someone may have gone to great lengths to do those special things for them, which now don’t seem important.

2. Use the magic words ‘Thank you’ genuinely:

Yes, you read that right. In today’s world of devices able to prompt you words, even when you don’t intend to use them, a genuine ‘Thank you’ has become a rarity.

We have been programmed to say ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ in several situations, but if we question ourselves about what percentage of those are genuine, we might surprise ourselves.

Most of us would have experienced how thank you becomes ‘Tks’, Tx’, ‘Thx’, in some texting situations.

I can only say that we don’t save a lot of time by reducing a few characters, but unknowingly we may be puncturing some one’s genuine respect, deeds and kindness towards us.

Funny situations arise when gratitude is not genuine. Both parties know they aren’t exchanging genuine feelings or gratitude. And still they live happily ever after

3. Own the high ground:

Express gratitude at least in proportion to or more than what we receive.

Sometimes it is difficult and there is no yardstick to match the balance or tilt. Each one’s situation is different and the only thing that they can do is do the best and hope that the other person will understand.

Give more and expect less! This is probably the idealistic preaching that we have come across. But in reality, it’s not possible for human beings to be consistently in this mode for everyone and at all times.

At some point, the balancing of mathematical equation of what we give and what we get , comes into play. The only difference is ‘the point’ or ‘time frame’ in which the equation comes into play.

4. Make it about them and not about you:

This is tricky waters. In our zeal of aggrandising gratitude, we amplify the situation and make it about us. How magnanimously we are expressing gratitude. We make it so much larger that the stature of the one who had done the original ask, is diminished.

Never do that! The original act needs to take centre stage and gratitude can only hog part of the limelight, not be the centre of it.

5. A small prayer:

Always have a small prayer for the one we you think has given you what you have. It’s as much important to be thankful for what we have as it is to pray for what we want. A small prayer thanking the supreme force is a great leveller.

A small prayer for those numerous untoward situations we didn’t fall into, a small prayer for the relationships we didn’t get into, a small prayer for the people who we didn’t meet and a small prayer for everything that we didn’t unlawfully or unethically take away what was theirs.

Thank you for reading!


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