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When you get schooled by your 14 year old daughter

I am penning down today’s experience when I got schooled by y 14 year old daughter.

So, today we went to Ambience, one of the leading malls in Gurgaon, We thought let’s give the wardrobe a little makeover. After loitering around in the mall for a while , we directly headed to Uniqlo, the premium Japanese casual wear designer company.

The styling is contemporary, the colors are earthy and subtle and therefore has become one of our most popular family outlet.

I had been on the lookout for a signature black T-shirt and was hopeful I would find something at Uniqlo. And I was right. We found a couple of them.

We were about to zero-in on a black T-shirt which had ‘All you need’ written on it. I had no clue what it meant, but May be to educate some ignorant customers like us, there was a board /write up which mentioned something on the lines of peace and world peace, and how we can make it a better place.

Curiosity took over me, and I went closer to the bird where it was written. On careful examination, I figured the design on the T-shirts were unique., but I couldn’t put my finger on where the uniqueness came from.

Turns out that UT had placed in shelves the UT archives T-shirts. Now what are UT archives T-shirts?

According to Uniqlo’s website ,”Old UT T-shirts are like museum pieces memorializing yesterday’s pop culture. Even today, each shirt serves as a statement: that art should be democratized.”

Having read this we got a fair idea that UT had collaborated with aritists, film makers , music bands, etc to create T-shirts which could be seen as art pieces.

Equipped with this half baked enlightened, we browsed some more and got this.

By Jean Michel Basquiat

This was a unique design theme and I got it, thinking I may have got some art piece. And this thought got tucked in some corner of my mind. In any case, how high-touch purchase can. T-shirt be.

But we were wrong. We reached home and we showed the T-shirt to my daughter. She liked the design, the print and complimented the choice. Then she turned the T-shirt around and saw the name Jean Michel Badquiat. She was baffled. The expression was rare. I saw that she saw something which we hadn’t seen.

She said, “this design is by Jean Michel Basquiat?” We nodded. The nod didn’t seem to convince her and she figured we knew nothing about Jean Michel Basquiat.

That’s when the schooling began. She said he was a great American artist during the 80s. She found a Wikipedia link of Jean Michel Basquiat and showed it to us. We scrolled through it and learn about him.

What a pleasant surprise it was for us to know that out daughter knew about him. It’s not uncommon for parents these days to have their eye and ears opened by their kids. But, this revelation was very satisfying. To know that our little one knows some finer things about life and in areas where we have never ventured, was epic.

That’s all there is in today’s write up!

(This isn’t a sponsored write up, but Uniqlo clothes are really good)

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